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 Floor plans help shoppers better understand the layout of a home and

quickly visualize how their furniture would fit in the space. 

A Zillow survey finds nearly 80 percent of buyers (79%) say they're more likely to view a home if the listing includes a floor plan they like, and more than 70 percent of buyers (71%) say a dynamic floor plan would help them determine whether the home was right for them. 

Floor Plans are often the most viewed photo in a listing.

A floor plan enhances everything.

It allows the buyer to visualize how the home is laid out. With the floor plan combined with a 3D Home virtual tour, it's like you're almost there in person."


When ordered with a 3D Tour the floorplan becomes an interactive part of the tour.

Clicking on the circle in each room brings you into that room with a 360 view.

You still receive the floor plan (without the circles) as a stand-alone listing photo.


Increase Buyer Interest

1 in 5 buyers would ignore a property listing completely if it didn't include a floor plan.


Allow Buyer Visualization

Buyers want to see the property layout, to visualize the flow of the rooms and how they fit in relation to the other rooms.


Increase Viewing Time

93% of buyers say they are more likely to spend time looking at a property with a floor plan.


Generate 30% More Leads

Floor plans have been shown to generate 30% more interest than properties without one.

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