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First impressions count when it comes to real estate marketing and the photos are the #1 way to make an immediate impact - with both your listing's potential buyers and your (the agents) potential sellers.

Professionally taken and edited real estate photos will showcase a home at its absolute best!

Supra Key Access - Next Day Delivery - Blue Sky Guarantee

Gain a Competitive Advantage

95% of buyers use the internet during their home search process and photos are the key to capturing their eye.

My goal is to deliver high-quality images at an affordable price to help you rise and stay above your competition.

Quality Photos

I deliver outstanding image quality by shooting in natural light using multiple exposures (5).

Images are then blended and hand edited.

Delivery is at 3072x2304 pixels -

the IMLS recommended size.

Win More Listings

You can use the superior-quality images from your listings to showcase your outstanding services to future home sellers.

Showing that you go "the extra mile" helps you win listing contracts in a competitive market.

zuess lens.png

Superior Equipment = Superior Results


My main camera is a Sony A7iii

Advanced 24.2MP BSI full-frame image sensor

Paired with a wide-angle Sony 16-35mm

Vario-Tessar lens with Zeiss T star coating

Mounted on a Manfrotto 055 Aluminum Tripod with a geared head for extremely steady shots while taking multiple exposures.

How HDR works - 5 different exposure brackets are taken.

These 5 brackets are then processed through a program that selects the optimal pixels from each shot that when blended together produce an evenly lit and balanced image.

Cloudy gloomy days become blue skies

Sky replacement is a photo editing process that alters or replaces the sky background in a photo during the editing process.

I often use it to enhance photos that were taken in "less than ideal conditions" including storms, rain, or just cloudy days.

A gloomy sky often "turns off" the viewing experience for people looking at real estate photos because other than the structure there are not a lot of other areas of interest. 

Homebuyers are 85% more likely to click on the listing with a blue sky!

Blue sky replacement can also be done on interior photos when the sky is seen through the windows.

There is NO CHARGE for blue sky replacement.

I have a large library of sky shots that I have taken on nice days to choose from.

In addition, to keep things as realistic as possible all the photos are noted by direction so that when I replace a sky it is replaced with a shot from the same direction to keep any sunlight and shadows as accurate as possible.

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