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Advantages and Disadvantages of aerial photography.

In this post, you will learn more about the advantages of working with aerial real estate photos and some disadvantages that we find relevant.


  • Attractive, high-quality pictures

  • Better ratings of your business

  • The potential increase of the likeness from the customers

  • Current pictorial view of the landscape that no map can equal

  • Better acceptance from the customers

  • Better surface view

There are more advantages to come. First, as soon as you start uploading the pictures, you immediately see the difference between aerial real estate photography and ground-based images. Let’s discuss some disadvantages and difficulties you might face while in the process.


  • You need a license to start

  • This type of photography can be somewhat more expensive

  • It takes some time to get familiar with the options of the drone

  • Position scales are only approximate and can differ from the actual results

We can’t say that it is ideal. Difficulties can still come in the way pretty quickly, and people are expected to have some problems while getting familiar with this type of real estate promotion. But it is still perfect for agents and managers who want to get better recognition in the market.

Some features of drones that are useful for real estate agents

Drones are being used for all types of selling - starting with houses and finishing with warehouses. What better way to showcase the product to a customer than from a bird-eye view? Here are three cool features that make a difference and come as an advantage that is pre-installed on most of the models of the current drones. First, aerial real estate photography gets better with these helpful features.

  • Aerial photography.

As we said, it is perfect for numerous reasons. First, you will never be able to use the maps to showcase the actual relevant image of your land. The only reasonable way to do it is via drone.

  • 360-degree panorama

You can make an image of your house and put it in 360-degree mode. The customers will have a chance to explore every inch of the house and get familiar with it up to minor details. It is tremendous and unbelievable.

  • Video recording

It sounds absurd, but you can easily record the whole image of your land or a big house on the video from the aerial view and list it on your website. But even that is not the end. You can make your video 360-degree and record it for the customers with the ability to scroll over everything they want to see themselves. The future is here!

The above photo is a direct overshot of a Weiser, Idaho, home on acreage that shows the home, garden, pool, and pond in one shot.

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