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Are aerial photos worth it?

Aerial photo of small acreage in the flats outside of Weiser, Idaho.

Aerial photographs are taken from the sky using the attached drone camera. You can get a picture of your product from the bird - eye view, which will look attractive and pleasing. Drones are constantly upgrading through the years, and we are delighted with our Mavic pro 2 and phantom pro 3.

Being able to showcase the aerial view of real estate to the customers sounds like a good idea. Well, it sure does, as it will attract more buyers. A photo of your product is like a book's cover - the more attractive it is - the more people will stop by. Aerial real estate photography makes a significant impact, as well as the difference in how most agents do business. It is pretty impactful.

If there were a question - “do aerial real estate photos help the market?” the answer would be, “yes, they sure do.” Any constant upgrade to the market leads to the growth of customers and ratings. Making quality shots is vital for the market because any search starts with a swipe. Aerial real estate video makes an even more significant impact because a customer can see every little part of the house he’s about to buy and make a decision right away. It brings advantages to the ratings and the market overall.

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