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How Floor Plans Sell Real Estate

floorplans from Weiser, Idaho - Fruitland, Idaho, and Payette, Idaho homes

1) Floor Plans Are Amazingly Popular When Added to a Listing:

The popularity of floor plans for real estate listings makes their addition a surefire way to increase clickthrough rates by over 50 percent. That's one of many pieces of data that show how enduring Floor Plan technology is.

Sixty-four percent of home buyers are drawn toward reading floor plans.

Floor plans are much more likely to be clicked on than maps.

10% of buyers won't even schedule a showing if they don't see a floor plan first

Listings with floor plans reduce time on the market by up to 50%

55% of online buyers found a floor plan helpful. finds that almost 75% of sellers are likelier to employ an agent with Virtual Tours and/or floor plan capabilities.

2) Floor Plans Were The Unsung Heros Of The Covid-19 Property Boom

If the Virtual Tour were praised for the residential rise during the coronavirus pandemic, a Floor Plan was equally necessary for homebuyers. Floor Plans significantly outranked Twilight Conversions or (the 360 Virtual Tour) Floor Plans in real estate marketing sexiness. But most consumers didn't realize Floor Plans even slightly exceeded Virtual Tours in sales measurement in the National Association of Realtors National Profile 2019 survey.

NAR researched to discover what real estate marketing items consumers valued the most.

The top four were:

Great Photos

Informative property descriptions (a.k.a. real estate copy)

Floor Plans

Virtual Tours.

Based on Zillow, a floor plan is the second most useful for capturing buyers and is relevant to real estate pages. Overlooked and underrepresented on MLS pages, Floor Plans have been a quiet favorite of buyers since 2017, when the National Association of Realtors began inquiring about its use.

Floor Plans let the intending buyers see everything about a specific property without needing to be physically present at them. This particular feature — which not even Virtual Tours or gorgeous photos can emulate — holds a great deal of perspective as the buyer becomes 3-dimensionally educated with the property they might need to construct. After seeing them in real life, it cannot be easy to distinguish one house from all the others. Real estate buyers often view a series of homes over several days or weeks, causing them to forget the layout of each location by the time they get to the online stage of their search. This vital juncture of the buying cycle is the point where floor plans can assist you in answering buyers' questions at one glance. Less focus on the back-and-forth messaging between an agent and a buyer helps speed this process.

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