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Is it worth the cost to hire a professional real estate photographer?

Ninety percent of home buyers now initiate their home search online before looking at open houses. Including high-quality real estate photos when advertising your residential or commercial property can help bring more awareness. Captivating photos will create the most effective first impression. We have learned that most home shoppers base their judgment on whether or not they like a property on the first exterior image below them. This is why we should be at the top of your list when photographing your house.

Real estate professionals can benefit from listing high-quality professional photographs on their websites to increase real estate sales. Displaying your attention to detail and professionalism will also enhance your credibility. In addition, we are experts in aerial photos and video for your real estate advertisements. If you would like your real estate advertisement to stand out, aerial photography and video are excellent ways to get an impressive video or photo.

Since prices have skyrocketed, some realtors do not

see the need for professional real estate images. In areas where prices are approaching $1 million, estate agents need to improve their presentation and increase sales with high-quality real estate photography. A common saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." What about an interactive floor plan?

Being a real estate agent, you are busy taking care of all your listings. We've worked hard with a variety of people that attempted to do it on their own to save a few dollars. This involves dedicating a couple of hours to shooting photos inside and outside, then spending hours editing it afterward, only to discover that it did not come out as imagined! Of course, you aren't automatically a professional photographer because you own a costly camera. Mastering how to best take images of a home takes lots of experience and practice, which is something we do every day!

Hiring a qualified real estate photography expert could save you time and energy. We have all the gear we need, understand which angles and lighting work best, use the best applications to edit the images, and can deliver them all for a fast and worry-free download from the comfort of your home or office.

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