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Is professional photography still relevant?

Payette Idaho home with acreage.

The real estate market is hot at this time. Property values are rising, and prices are, therefore, high. Is it worth investing in professionally taken real estate pictures in this seller's market? The simple answer is yes.

Some of the reasons why some still choose to employ a real estate agent are similar to why people still use professional realtors to sell their property. You wouldn't just want to list your property for sale; you would also like to get the most money from it. Agents have better training and much more experience than a for sale by owners because their occupation requires professional expertise.

Professional real estate photography is similarly beneficial. However, when homes are selling very quickly, it is even more important to place your listing in front of as many folks as possible as soon as possible. If homes are selling within days of being on the market, is it prudent to attract just a few offers and wait for the best offers, or is it more logical to attract a dozen per day and let the competition raise your selling price? Real estate photos, video tours, aerial photographs, and more are some of the most effective ways to increase the number of viewers to your home posting significantly.

With low inventory, competition rises for real estate, and FSBO is more attractive to numerous sellers. So if you want to self-market yourself, a portfolio of listings that are represented uniformly with compelling marketing collateral will make you stand out. Showing frequent investment in marketing and advertising will be to your benefit any time you show a seller that you wish to become their long-term partner. In addition, real estate marketing media from your advertising agency will offer a measurable competitive edge.

RealTourMedia is dedicated to providing quality and value that is unmatched in Payette, Weiser, and Fruitland, Idaho. In addition to our photos, we provide video walkthroughs, 360 Virtual Tours, drone photo and video, advanced editing, and a suite of managed marketing services.

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