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Preparing for Photo Day

Even a small fishing cabin can show its best when it's clutter-free.

You've determined to sell, and it's time to list your home for sale & now your agent has scheduled us to shoot your property.

I've prepared some recommendations to help the property's appearance look first-class, which equals a faster addition to making the photo shoot go smoothly!

Most individuals go shopping for their next house online, which can improve their home's image. More viewers lead to an increase in offers.

There are significant changes as well as small ones.

Small things ought to be packed. The first objective the potential customer will have when they walk through your door is to see themselves and their items. Removing personalized items such as photos, symbols, and religious emblems will help them do this. Unless your garage has turned into a man cave, storing any items in the garage is OK, as I am averse to taking photographs there or in even smaller closets.

Next, clean off the countertops in your bathrooms and your kitchen. Yes, you may utilize your coffee pot every day. However, clearing as much counter space will present the room and not deter the eye from the whole place.

Remove any large towels hanging over the sink and any lengthy area rugs. In both the kitchen and bath, ensure any burnt light bulbs are replaced with working bulbs. Store any plug-in lamps until after the photos.

You should tidy up your room's laundry room to simplify how few bulky items you can store there, but it's an ideal room to get photographed as well and must be kept tidy. Remember, these photos are going to be shared online. You can forgo your primary closet if you'd like.

Mow your lawn, spread some landscape mulch, trim the bushes, and cut the shrubs above the bottom of the roofline. We want to be able to see your house, your windows, and your doors. Remove everything from the driveway, like a stopped vehicle, a trailer, and a trash can.

Next, let's focus on the BIG things! (These may help increase your property value!)

Paint. Take the main rooms throughout your house and sauce and figure out which are neutral and which are assorted bright colors. If they're all bold and bright colors, consider neutrals or leave just one accent wall.

Flooring. Your assumption may be that you will not leave space for new flooring, but if your flooring has not been cared for or if it is well used, or if it is still stained, it sends a message to a potential buyer that you are unconcerned with maintenance, and they start looking for what else was a problem. The client's perception has a significant effect on your marketing efforts.

Weeding, pulling away dead tree branches, and removing empty pots and baskets are all landscaping techniques. Plant a few annuals to add color to your flower bed, then clear away worldly objects like empty pots and baskets. Check your fence, too. Fix or replace any posts or pickets that are missing or broken. And concerning the mailbox, what happens if it needs repairs, or is it branded, so everyone sees it? If the box's on the street, check to see if it's upright and stable and displays updated numbers or letters. If mounted on the wall, check whether it requires new paint, and a can gives you a neat solution if the wall is freshened up.

Update paint and add trim around doors, windows, and fireplace. Oversee the construction of a stunning, complementary color for the front entrance.

I'm sure you're thinking, "I could go crazy cleaning up my home for the sake of pictures. "But you won't regret putting in the work, and you'll feel even better knowing that you not only improved your everyday surroundings but possibly increased the value of your home.

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