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When evaluating photography services for homes, examine three factors.

With the surge of the Internet real estate market, home photographers who provide professional services have quickly gained popularity. However, the process of hiring a house photographer can be confusing. Those who are selling real estate online often don't "police" themselves, fearing it will lead to a decrease in profits for their house photographer. Numerous firms offer services, but how do you know who to choose?

Aerial photography is beneficial to providing a comprehensive picture of an area and the surrounding area.

Home buyers are visual creatures. They obsess over the quality of real estate photography because of the high cost of a home. So, when making house purchasing decisions, they like to view properties before ever visiting in person.

Before you hire a real estate photographer, there are three things you should look for:

  1. A portfolio of sample images on their website. This lets you see what quality pictures you can expect your listing to have on the MLS and sites like Zillow and If they can't show you samples of work they've done, ask them what types of pictures they typically shoot and how those pictures will look online through an agent's or buyer's agent's portal.

  2. A quick turnaround time on the photos. The last thing you want is to wait weeks for your pictures to go live on the MLS and other websites so you can start getting leads and selling your properties. A good real estate photographer can take great photos quickly, so you aren't left waiting for your listings to sell.

  3. Experience with high-end properties. Even if you're only showing starter homes, you want a photographer who can care for your needs and grow your business.

Home buyers are choosing homes based on photographs, thanks to the property value of real estate photography. To make a property look attractive, photographers need to capture its particular features and characteristics. Important photo data includes scenic views, landscaping, surrounding neighborhoods, and overall appeal.

  • Critical information about the size of the rooms.

  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Any unique features like fireplaces or deck areas.

The buyer wants to know if there is room for their furniture and other belongings.

Hiring a professional real estate photographer can help you attract more buyers for your property and get the best price possible during negotiations with a buyer.

The old real-estate adage explains location, location, location: One should not focus on the site singularly. The neighborhood, interior qualities, exterior appearance, and landscape also affect property value.

The same applies to real estate photography. The images that a skilled photographer takes can help you see and sell a home's full potential. Selecting a photographer who showcases a property's best features and uses techniques that highlight it is worth it, ultimately.

There are many options for ordering professional pictures of your home for less. But how do you know which is the best one for you?

First, contemplate the experience. Realtors engage photographers regularly due to their familiarity with them, which translates into better photos of houses that want to sell them. So instead of engaging a photographer without experience shooting real estate, it can be of benefit to you to work with one that has experience. It's not that those photographers can't do an excellent job with homes; experience matters when producing professional-looking photos.

Home photography services should also offer a range of pricing options. For example, choosing the lowest-cost option is tempting if you're on a tight budget, but you may get what you pay for. If the service has more experience and a sales track record, they have a better understanding of what will produce high-quality images. So while you want to keep costs low, don't sacrifice quality because it's less expensive upfront.

Finally, look for home photography services that offer packages that include more than just photos. You don't just need pretty pictures — you need professional marketing tools as well.

For quality real estate photography in Weiser, Payette, Fruitland, Idaho, and surrounding areas, contact us.

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